As a teacher, you have the opportunity to influence a whole generation of thinkers. Will you help to create new leaders and decision makers, 或者帮助学生开辟自己的道路, 不管是什么? Or perhaps you'll channel your passion for sport, 戏剧, language or science and teach others to do the same. Whether you're teaching children or adults, you'll be there for the 'aha' moments in the classroom. These moments are the evidence that you've ignited the spark for learning, and that you're making a real difference in your students' lives and communities.


获得ag体育投注的教学学位, you'll learn to become a resilient and confident teacher, who makes an impact locally and within the global 社区. And you'll join a 社区 of proud alumni who have been doing the same since 1975. The demand for teachers will continue to grow locally and internationally. You could be working as an early childhood educator, a teacher in 政府ernment and non-政府ernment primary and high schools, or in the tertiary and adult education sector. 



Gain over 585 hours of practical experience at placements across the state.


五星级评级 for median graduate salary for education and training courses.1


First university in Australia to offer SimLabTM - simulated classroom teaching technology utilising virtual reality and human actors.



We're the first university in Australia to use mixed-reality learning environments, featuring virtual reality and human actors. This allows you to simulate real-life teaching situations before taking your practical placements. 除了增加 to 585 hours of teaching experience while you study, you'll also start teaching before you graduate.

You can complete practical placements in metropolitan, 区域, 农村和偏远学校, 以及新加坡的学校, 泰国和中国.

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Discover the modern learning suites and virtual reality classrooms that you'll learn in. 校园参观珀斯

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